Scholarship Recipients


Clare Eddy

Tufts University

Philip Meisner

Fort Lewis College

Nicole Checker

University of Virginia

Kelly Garcia Lopez

Brigham State University Idaho

Abigail Gava

Arizona State University

Rye Hansen

Gap year then Western Washington University

Sophie Lamb

Yale University

Acacia LaPrade

University of Utah

Issac Larsen

Brigham Young University

Olivia Webb

Texas Christian University

Marco Sosa

University of Wyoming


Bridger Stiles

Colby College

Will Johnson

University of Utah after a 2 year mission

Audrey Fouras

Black Hills State University

Marisol Mendoza

Santa Barbara City College

Riley McFarland

Colorado State University

Sam Crabtree

Idaho State University

Sydney Wilmot

Bates College

Charlie Hoelscher

University of St. Thomas


Benji Kohler

Montana State University

Skye Eddy

Colorado College

Yostin Delgado

Central Wyoming College

Chloe Stines

University of Kansas

Leo Harland

Colorado State University

Kristina MacLeod

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Martha Olson

Montana State University

Dori Sinclair

The College of St. Scholastica

Wyley Menolascino

Western Washington University

Riggs Turner

University of Wisconsin Madison

Annika Peacock

Brigham Young University


Noah Bigelow

University of Utah after a 2 year mission

Esperanza Carrillo-Granados

Central Wyoming College

Emmaline Hultman

Denison University

Samuel Johnson

University of Utah after a 2 year mission

Zachary Little

Wilderness EMT Course

Avery Wauters

University of Portland


Chase Collins

Sarah Greger

Annabel Hagen

Harvard College, Cambridge, MA

Lucy Hutchinson

Colgate College

William McCreedy


Mary Margaret Grassell

Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA

Cole Pampe

Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

Emory Rheam

Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Abigail Walker

Tri County Technical School, Pendleton, SC


Abby Brazil

Dartmouth College.

This upcoming fall, I will be attending Dartmouth College, studying either engineering, medicine, or environmental science. Throughout high school, I have been a part of the cross country, nordic skiing, soccer, and track teams, with several individual podiums and team championships. I will be continuing my running career by joining the cross country and track teams at Dartmouth. Jackson has fostered a strong love for the outdoors in me, and I hope to continue to be active in the environment at Dartmouth and beyond.

Hannah Clancy

Anna Gibson

Brown University

Ann Shea

University of Denver

Daniel Tisi

University of Vermont


Sydney McGlashon

University of Puget Sound

This fall I will be attending University of Puget Sound, and I plan on majoring in Actuarial Science. I enjoy reading, almost as much as I love skiing, because nothing is more satisfying to me than knowing how the world works. If there is water anywhere around, I will be swimming in it, and I am the person who crosses the street to pet a dog.

Bethanie Hart

Bethany Hart

University of Wyoming

I plan to go to university of Wyoming to study environmental engineering and art. I love the outdoors whether it is climbing, skiing, backpacking and even just doing my homework in the sun. I am intrigued by rescue and would like to be a fire fighter, volunteer for search and rescue and plan to work for NOLS and Exum Mountain Guides once I have perfected my skills. I geek out over self rescue, climbing and avalanche books and enjoy a recertification course in both wilderness first aid, CPR and avalanche every year to make sure I stay dialed. This summer I am working as a rescue guide, at the new Teton Adventure Park, and will spend my days off painting on top of peaks, and climbing as much that the summer and the mountain allows.


Henry Hakoshima

St. Lawrence University

Henry has been skiing with Jackson Hole Ski Club since 2005. As an FIS Alpine team racer he finished 13th at the 2016 Western Region Junior Championships in Schweitzer, Idaho. And has had several division podiums. In the fall he will be attending St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York.

Elsa Smith

Gap Year then Quest University

Elsa plans to take a gap year traveling, volunteering and skiing before attending Quest University in Squamish, British Columbia. She has skied with the Jackson Hole Ski Club since 2009 as one of the few females participating in the Freeride Ski Program. Over the years she has enjoyed many podium finishes During the 2015-2016 season she dominated finishing second place at the North American Championships at Whistler, B.C. and a second IFSA overall standing.


Reily Gibson

Johns Hopkins University

Here at Hopkins I have decided to double major in International Studies and Economics. While I am still determining what exactly I am interested in, I am enjoying the classes that fall under these majors and I am excited to take more upper-level classes in the semesters to come! Aside from classes, I have joined a few student groups on campus. My favorite of these groups is The Foreign Affair Symposium which is a speaker series hosted entirely by students on campus. This semester we hosted events such as a virtual presentation with Eduard Snowden, a panel on the future of policing in America, and a talk with Naomi Klien. As a staff member I mostly work on writing grants for funding and selling reserved seating tickets.

Nikki Lynes

University of Wyoming

Cora Mitchell

Santa Clara University

Jaime Pardee

Colorado Mesa University

Aiden Ulrich

Westminster College


JHSP Memorial Fund recipient

Carson Meyer

Montana State University

I took this last semester off (Winter 2015/2016) to pursue freelance photography work in Jackson for the winter. I was shooting the Photo of the Day for the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort a couple days a week and working on other freelance photo jobs. I am back in Bozeman now to continue doing freelance work and working in a restaurant at nights. My plan as of right now is to be here in Bozeman for the summer and go back to school in the fall to finish up my education. I am really happy I decided to take the semester off of school because I learned a lot about freelancing that I might not have learned by just going to school. And it helped that Jackson had a pretty good winter!

Sawyer Thomas

Montana State University


Morgan McGlashon

Middlebury College

Currently, I am chipping away at a degree in environmental geology at Middlebury during the summer and fall semesters. During the winter I have been pursuing my passion for skiing and the mountains through a professional ski career. This winter, I was able to travel all over the west from New Mexico to northern British Columbia, exploring a plethora of mountain ranges along the way. Most recently, I have been at home in the Tetons still trying to ski as much as possible, although its getting more difficult everyday. I’ve skied a number of new lines this spring all the way from Moran to Death Canyon, but certainly a highlight was skiing the Grand earlier this month with a fellow Jacksonite and one of my best friends, Carson Meyer.